The Steele Tragedy

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Medical Rescue Project


Donald E. Pauly
Steele's Mug Shot
Edgar J. Steele
The Victim
Fairfax's Mug Shot
Lawrence A. Fairfax
The Villain

This whole mess started as Edgar Steele was sitting at his desk at his ranch in Sagle, Idaho on 21 November, 2009. He reported feeling a pop in his chest and sat motionless for about 15 minutes feeling faint. He was flown from the local hospital by helicopter to Coeur d' Alene where he was operated on for a ruptured aorta . Surgery to repair it dislodged many small blood clots which traveled to his brain and made him go insane. Brain damage is a common to various degrees for all types of open heart surgery and is known as pump head. This is a dirty little secret in heart surgeon's locker rooms.

Steele was reported to be delusional during his prolonged recovery from surgery. On 5 May, he developed an uncontrollable nose bleed from another aneurysm which also required surgery. This second surgery did not cause any further brain damage. These aneurysms and Steele's unusual physical appearance lead some to believe that he suffers from the hereditary disease of Marfan's syndrome.

The Government's Story

According to court testimony from the FBI, Steele was dissatisfied with his wife and was looking for a new girl friend in the Uktrain. Undisputed testimony showed that he wrote over 14,000 emails to Ukrainian women between xxxx and xxxx. With 100 days and 10 hours per day on the computer, this is one email every four minutes. Steele's favorite Ukrainian girlfriend was Tatyana Loginova. He bought her a teddy bear which he named Eddie Bear. He also sent her pictures of the ranch's new kittens. On xxx, Steele discussed the possibilities of killing his wife with his handyman Larry Fairfax. Steele gave him about 600 ounces of silver to do the job in the form of 1 ounce medallions. At that time, the price of silver was about $18 per ounce. He also promised Fairfax $100,000 in cash out of the payout from her life insurance policy. Fairfax constructed two pipe bombs made from plumbing pipe about 1 foot long with screw on end caps. These were filled with Hi Skor 700X smokeless powder which is normally used to reload ammunition. This type of powder burns rapidly but is not explosive.

Our Plan

Steele now rots in prison for acts committed when he was not responsible for his conduct. Help us get him out. We need an psychiatrist who is specialized in diagnosing and treating heart surgery induced brain damage. We also need a lawyer experienced in Special Actions filed in Federal Appeals court. At this time we cannot pay these individuals. We want to contact them to give them the background on this case and perhaps to get them started on the project. We will pay them as donations come in.

We will shortly be accepting donations. Every penny will be accounted for and its expenditure published, unlike the swindle at Steele's family website. They have collected over $122,000 by their own admission. Some of that money was squandered on a worthless now disbarred lawyer who has since been convicted of mail and wire fraud. The Steele family has pocketed an unknown amount of this money for their own use while he rots in Federal prison.

All donors will receive their own email account if they wish such as sally @ . They will also get their name or initials on our website with the amount and type of their donation as well as their location. We will be accepting silver, gold , cash or other valuables which are inexpensive to ship to our doctor and lawyer on the project.

We want authors who help us by writing articles on this website. We are especially interested in stories of similar brain damage from heart surgery. Anyone who knew Steele before his aorta rupture could help us by writing an article. Any other information on this case should be sent to us. We will protect your identity if you desire. There is no shame in Steele having gone crazy. It is unlikely that he even knows what is wrong with him. Remember that this kind of disaster can happen to any one of us at any time.

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12 July, 2012